About Us

We, vacuumsealer.co, are the testers and innovators. We love to test all the available products in the market and tell others our views on the same. We are not experts but we are users. We use them to find quality, capability, performance, durability, warranty and all other aspects of products.

Our team includes John McCowan, Robert S. Pfeffer, Don T. Crawford, Steve C. Ferrera, and Laura D. Bond.

About Us

Hello dear reader! Welcome to Vacuum Sealer website. This is John McCowan here, and I would like to give a brief about who I am and how my routine day goes by. I am a native of Austin and have been in this city for the past 13 years now. I am a mechanical graduate, and currently working in the Kinetics department and all was going well.

Last week while I was with my wife shopping household stuff, bumped into my school buddy Bruce. He is an online marketing strategist. We had met after almost five years, so there was a lot to talk about. Suddenly he mentioned about how we can make revenue through website creation. I have got pro knowledge about different mechanical gadgets, and he gave me the idea of starting up a website for the same.

In this way, Vacuum Sealer was born!

What’s Special about Vacuum Sealer?

To make any website a success, you need to have the right kind of information and content. Planning began the same day when Bruce gave me the idea about the website. Began my part of the research and started studying about Vacuum Sealers in particular.

They are the most preferred packing options and is found to be the best for food storage.

The main reason for opting this product is that it is a wide concept and not many people are aware of this. Interestingly, there are a huge lot of people who wish to know more about this. That’s how we opted for the Vacuum Sealer only.

When I was searching out for a Vacuum Sealer for myself, it took me around three days to finalize the right one. (Umm… yes I am a choosy person!) Otherwise three days for a Vacuum Sealer? Who does that?

This same thought stuck with me, and I was wondering the time that you may take with the selection if you are just as choosy as I am.

Vacuum Sealer will always remain a dedicated website where you will find detailed reviews relating to the sealer or any other kitchen equipment! My wife provides me the ideas and suggests me various topics on which I could provide reviews for you.

So, that’s all for the introduction part! I would love to hear from you all too. I believe in the Give and Take policy, which is vital for a Quality Website.

Find out the reviews, and share your suggestions if any. (Feel free to comment your opinions, because we love it that way.)

Thank you & Regards,