Yogurt Pops with a Vacuum Sealer – How to Guide

As a grown-up, we have started using the brand names for the sweet old popsicles! But do you know how to make Yoghurt Pops using a Vacuum Sealer? We consider that you own a vacuum sealer, and understand how it works. Even if you don’t know, hire someone who can help you with the working.

If you are not a fan of the usual sweet popsicles, then you must try out the Yoghurt Pops once. They are easy to make, and with the sealer, you can get the job done in the best way!

Yogurt Pops with a Vacuum Sealer – How to Guide

A vacuum sealer is mainly used for storing a commodity inside a plastic bag by removing the complete from it. These products could be an eatable or any childhood possession you have got. The vacuum sealing bags help with storing the items and prevents any air-contact.

If you have got an ordinary vacuum sealer, then you can make use of any sized sealing bag.

Coming to the method of making Yogurt Pops with a Vacuum Sealer, it is pretty easy. Take hold of thin, long baggies of sealer bag, and then fill with a spoonful of yogurt inside these bags.

Yogurt Pops with a Vacuum Sealer

Do this filling task carefully, and after this seal this bag using the vacuum sealer. This is one of the rare ideas that won’t cross many minds out there. Most of us only use the sealer bags for storing meat food, so using a popsicle bag with the vacuum sealer – will be entirely an out of the world kind of idea for you!

Even the grown-ups enjoy having tubbed yogurt! Get them in the popsicle shape, and make it a portable snack to carry on your trips and family gatherings.

You can make it for your kids as they are found to be a good snack option. Also, it is something which the kids love, and they are found to be pretty healthy too.

For all the busy morning routines, you can make the yogurt pops and store them for a month. This way, no need to waste time thinking about the energy boosters. They are found to be refreshing for the mind and body. Much needed relief with all the tiring working schedules, isn’t it?

You can even fill the pops with any kind of pudding as well as your favorite juices, and later store them in the refrigerator. Similarly, you can come with some other idea for the popsicles using a vacuum sealer.

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Vacuum Food Sealer Tips and Tricks To Keep Fruits Long Lasting

If you do not consume fruits like apple or carrot within some days, then you will find the freshness slowly fading out. So is there any way of preserving the fruits and other veggies for some extended time? Yes, you got the Vacuum Sealer which will help with protecting food items from getting in contact with air or oxygen.

Vacuum Food Sealer Tips To Keep Fruits Long Lasting

Put the fruits into the vacuum sealer bag, and then refrigerate them. This will help with maintaining the freshness, along with retaining the nutritional benefits. But there are certain tips you must know for the Best storage and right usage of the Food Vacuum Sealer. Let’s get started!

Vacuum Food Sealer Tips To Keep Fruits

Following are the tips for keeping the fruits long lasting with the Food Vacuum Sealer:

  1. The first step is to get the fruits peeled off for storage. After peeling cut them into small portions similar to the ones which we do while making any squash drink. If you have got small fruits like the apples, then you can avoid the cutting process. Getting the peels off will be enough in this case.
  2. Here the second step is to wash the fruits or vegetables under clean or drinking water. One important point to note here, make use of cold water, not the usual tap water. This is because the tap water may contain harbor bacteria which may cause some problem.
  3. There is one blanching step required to be performed, but it is only for the vegetables. They have to be blanched in boiling water for 1-4 minutes. This step is important for maintaining the crispness of the veggies. Otherwise, they will become soggy inside the vacuum sealer.
  4. Boiling of the vegetables makes it strong, and this prevents the ripening of the vegetables. Thus the veggies will remain fresh even after some extended duration.
  5. You can make use of blotting paper for removing the excess amount of water from fruits and vegetables.
  6. After you have vacuum-packed the vegetables and the fruits, store both of them in the refrigerator. Storing the food items raw or cooked in the fridges are a good option. You might have seen the way the eatables are stored in supermarkets, where they are refrigerated. In this way, organic food products remain fresh in the storage.
  7. You can skip packing of the fruits and vegetables separately. Instead, you can lay both the items on a tray, and then simply vacuum seal the plate. But the only condition in this is that you have to use the entire eatables after you have opened the seal.

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What to Look For in a Vacuum Sealer – Know It First

Most of the people know what a Vacuum Sealer is and what does it do. But when it comes to buying one, there will be some confusion. If you face the same kind of situation, then you must read this article. Thank me later!

A vacuum sealer is a device that removes the air within a bag and then different items are stored in it which needs to be protected from air or oxidation reaction. These items can be raw or cooked food item, old coins, or any user possession.

What to Look For in a Vacuum Sealer – Know It First

The price of a quality vacuum sealer can vary depending on the built quality and other system functionalities. If there are many advanced features on it, the cost will automatically increase. Therefore, depending on the use and requirement, you must choose the particular sealer machine.

What to Look For in a Vacuum Sealer

Following are the primary considerations which will give you an idea of making the right selection!

What’s your actual requirement?

This is the most basic question, and that is – what is your requirement and why do you need a vacuum sealer? You must know the purpose of purchasing a sealer system.

When you have made your mind of buying a sealer, then the first step is to note down your needs. This must be done before looking out for the options available. It mainly helps by filtering out the needful qualities and leaving you with the best-sorted out list! Thus making the selection quick and efficient!

Space in your kitchen!

Next factor to consider is the space available in your kitchen. If you are planning to set the vacuum sealer in your kitchen, then measure the area present for sealer installation. Then check the options which match your space availability. In this manner, you could again mark some vacuum sealer for purchase.

The Budget

Not everyone could afford in the same way. Because of the same reason, you will find vacuum sealer at different rates. So, set some budget for the sealer, and then make a note of the systems which fall under your budget.

Internal vs. External Sealers

You can get the idea of the working by the name itself. In the internal sealers, the task of air removal and sealing takes place inside the machine. Whereas in the external sealers, most of the functions take place with the sealing bag outside the device. You can see all the processes with your eyes.

For low home usage, opt for the external sealer. If you need to vacuum sealing on a high level, then go for the internal sealers.

Other Additional Factors

The other important considerations – the quality of the sealing bags used, accessories and extra attachments used for the sealing. You have to check in the maintenance process too. Does the sealer require maintenance within short usage period? Therefore, check on the level of ease when it comes to the handling and maintenance.

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Where to Buy FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer – Must Read As a Buyer

FoodSaver is one of the favorite names in the world of Vacuum Sealing. They have designed it in such a manner that the food remains fresh in a packed state as well. When it comes to packing and vacuum sealing the food, a lot of factors depend on the type of the vacuum bag in use.

The brand name FoodSaver indeed justifies their service, and they keep the food fresh and healthy in the packed state. With the black shining surface, you will also get all the benefits of a compact device. The black design gives it an elegant look with any home decor style.

Where to Buy FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer

FoodSaver helps you with storing the food for five times longer duration than the ordinary storage way. They also provide vacuum seal bags and their zipper bags for giving the best sealer while using the FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer.

Processing of a Vacuum Sealer- first they will remove the air from the bag, and then make an air-tight seal on the vacuum sealing bag. This maintains the freshness of the food and helps with storing the food for some extended time.

Where to Buy FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer

When it comes to buying a FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer, there are many ways. Either you can purchase them online or through the offline method. In most of the cases, going with the online way stands to be the perfect choice you can make.

For the OFFLINE way, you need to find out if there is an authorizes dealer who is providing the FoodSaver vacuum sealer in your city. So, search out for the FoodSaver distributors, and if you find one, then you can get your vacuum sealer from the dealer directly.

If you are opting for the ONLINE way, then you will get some options here. There are about 20+ websites which are currently dealing with the sale of FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer. So you can imagine the competition already, and the online mode gives you better deals compared to the offline.

The following list of websites which are into selling FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer:

  1. Walmart
  2. Amazon
  3. KMart
  4. QVC
  6. BJs Wholesale Club
  7. Best Buy
  8. Target
  9. KOHL
  10. Bass Pro Shops
  11. JCP
  12. COSTCO Wholesale
  13. Sam’s Club

There are other major portals like the Sears, Fred Meyer, Cabela’s, Kroger, Lowe’s, Meijer, etc. which are into the selling of the FoodSaver Vacuum Sealers. For the best experience, it is recommended to make use of the sealing bags made by FoodSaver brand itself.

So, get one FoodSaver system which will save a lot of your food items as well as your money. With the air-tight packing, you can reduce the food wastage by a significant margin. So, these are the different options you have got through which you can purchase the FoodSaver sealer system.

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11 Brilliant Things You Can Do With A Vacuum Sealer

Not everyone is aware of the Brilliant Things You Can Do With A Vacuum Sealer. So, we decided to dedicate one post for this, and share with you guys some of the easiest yet exciting ways in which Vacuum Sealers come as a great help.

Sealing food items with a vacuum sealer is the common one. Still, there are many scenarios where you can use them for perfect storage. Let’s find them out!

11 Brilliant Things You Can Do With A Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum Sealer for food packing is the one which most of you guys will be familiar with. But in fact, there are a hell lot of things that you can pack up in the best way using the same sealer.

11 Brilliant Things You Can Do With A Vacuum Sealer

This is exactly what we are going to discuss in this post, and help you with giving ideas on how to utilize this machine in an effective and best way!

#1 Goes kinda well for all your Potluck Gatherings!

Well, this is a smart choice indeed. The chances of food spilling reduce to a significant degree if you have vacuum sealed it. Also, if you tend to forget things like food containers and all, then you can just carry the sealed food as it is. There is nothing weird about taking the food in the sealed bag.

#2 You can bring fresh Citrus Juice inside a vacuum sealer.

When it comes to carrying liquid material, then you must freeze it before vacuum sealing it. Same goes for the Citrus Juice. First, you need to freeze the Citrus juice, and then add the cubes to the Vacuum Sealer bag. Finally, you have to store it in the freezer only.

#3 For all the microwaved meals. 

If you are on a trip and craving for some home-made food, then it is now possible with the vacuum sealer. Microwave your favorite food, and then place them inside the vacuum bag. The best way to get this done – get a large waxed plate, and then put the vacuum sealed food in this dish. Freeze it.

You can take this along with you while you are at work or even while on tour. You can microwave the food back while having it for lunch. Maintaining the right temperature is important while dealing with this.

#4 If you want to have a Quick Breakfast. 

You can make some sandwiches, and then wrap it up in a sealed bag. Later you can warm the sandwich a bit, and have it for quick breakfast.

#5 Use the Vacuum Sealer for packing snacks. 

When it comes to vacuum sealing the chips, it will probably break as it cannot withstand a no-vacuum state for a long time. Thus they won’t be able to complete the vacuum sealing process. You can vacuum out a larger part of the air, and then seal it for storage.

#6 Yarns inside a Vacuum Sealer? 

Yes, you can vacuum seal the yarn balls whenever you are not doing any stitch work. This way you could manage and organize the yarn department more effectively, and store them until next use.

#7 Vacuum Seal the bananas for making your favorite Banana Bread. 

For all the banana lovers out there, Banana bread is something which you all may crave for. You can store the banana for some extra days to get the perfect ripe state, by vacuum sealing it off. Then place it in the freezer portion.

#8 Photos can be vacuum sealed for storage. 

So you are going to travel back to your home after a small trip with your buddies. You have received many photos of the trip, but don’t have any cover for storage. Vaccum Sealers could do the job for this as well! You can put all the snaps inside the vacuum sealer bag, which will protect them from air and oxygen.

#9 Honey Sticks never go outdated! 

You can make and store hand-made honey sticks, and then preserve them in a vacuum sealer. So if you wish to have some honey sticks by you while chilling around or during tea time, then you can vacuum seal the honey sticks and then store for later purpose.

#10 You can vacuum seal the plant seeds. 

A handful of plant seeds will always be left out, after planting them in your garden. You may find it difficult to store, as there are chances that moisture comes in contact with the seeds. It may ruin the quality too. Just Vacuum seal the vegetable seeds, and this way it can be stored for as long as you wish in the right way.

#11 Also all the seasonal products can be stored in a vacuum sealer. 

You will come across many things which are just preferred for some particular season. This can be anything, ranging from fruits to different clothes. If you require specific products only during the particular season, then store them inside the vacuum sealers when they are not in use.

There you go! These are by far the coolest and most comfortable activities which can be done using a Vacuum Sealer. Was this list helpful to you? How many of them have you done before? Let us know your take on our post, and other suggestions/tips are always welcome.

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10 Tips To Using Your Vacuum Sealer Properly [DO IT RIGHT]

After you get a Vacuum Sealer for your home, there are many things that will get easy for you. If you have got a small portion of the food left, then you don’t have to throw it away now. Instead, you can store them in the plastic bag, and refrigerate them. In this way, you won’t ever have food wastage at your place.

Vacuum Sealer is a device that is used for sealing the plastic bag with removing complete air from it. You can use this for storing and preserving meat, fresh cut fish, or any other personal property which needs to be protected from oxygen. This could be a key, old precious stones or coins, or even any document! It could be anything.

10 Tips To Using Your Vacuum Sealer Properly

When you pack things in a Vacuum Sealer, the complete air is first of all taken out of it. This helps with storing the food for 3 to 5 days in a fresh state. Also, the texture and color of the food are retained, as no micro-organisms can affect the food with the firm packaging of a Vacuum Sealer.

Tips To Using Your Vacuum Sealer Properly

We are going to list some tips for getting the Vacuum Sealing done in the right way.

  • Refrigerate the Vacuum Sealed Food!

Many of you have asked me about this. Vacuum Sealing does not guarantee you to maintain food at the room temperature though. So, you have to keep the packed food bag in the fridge only. This is a Must folks!

  • What about Vacuum Sealing Liquids? 

If you try to seal the liquids, then it will suck out the air as well the liquid content as well. This may create problems to your machine! So it is recommended to freeze out the liquid first, before placing it in the sealing bag. Freeze it, and then vacuum seal it.

  • Choose quality Vacuum Sealer bag! 

The sealer bags are equally important just as the Vacuum Sealer system. After you get the vacuum packing machine, next, you need to select the sealing bag which is compatible with the device. Talk with your friends and family who are aware of this, as it will give you some idea for purchase. Then choose the one which suits your requirement.

  • Check if there are no wrinkles on the bag.

It is an additional tip and something which is simple to understand. Make sure that the bag has no wrinkles formed on it, as there are chances of air to pass through the seal. This won’t allows the food to be packed in an airtight way.

  • Is the item to be sealed sharp?

If you are planning to vacuum seal sharp food item like dry pasta, then it may harm the sealed bag. Cover such things with another soft item like any kitchen paper towel, then place them for vacuum sealing. Otherwise, you may damage the sealing bag, and there are chances of air entering the container.

  • Do not overfill the Vacuum Sealer Bag.

Make sure that you do not fill the sealer bag entirely with the food. Leave some space at the top end, minimum by 4 inches. This is necessary for a good kind of vacuum seal.

  • About the Resealing of a Vacuum Sealed bag.

This is avoidable first of all, and it is something which we won’t encourage. Still, if you are doing it, then make sure that you have left some space at the top part of the bag as mentioned in the previous point.

  • Buy the Best Food Vacuum Sealer

Do you want us to make you understand the importance of this point? For quality vacuum sealing, you have to choose the best food vacuum sealer machine. Check out the reviews online, or consult your friends for suggesting the right device for you.

  • Maintain the Food Vacuum Sealer at Regular intervals!

All the machines require maintenance, and the same goes for the Vacuum Sealer system. If you get the machine dirty while use, try your best to clean it up after use. Also check if there are no food portions left within the sealer, as it will halt or affect the next vacuum packaging.

  • Are the Oxygen Absorber Bags useful? 

Yes, they are a good option if your vacuum bag has got any hole in it. You can place this oxygen absorber bag inside the vacuum sealing bag, and then perform the process as usual.

These are the top 10 Tips To Using Your Vacuum Sealer Properly, which we wanted to share with all the readers out there. Hope this piece of article was fun to read as well as informative to you. Share it with your friends and family! For receiving post notifications, follow our page Vacuum Sealer.