Nesco VS 02 Food Vacuum Sealer Review [Best Pick 2017]

If you have been looking for food sealers, then you have come across the Nesco VS 02 Food Vacuum Sealer at some point of your research. These are the high-end vacuum sealers which are used for covering up food, mostly raw non-veg food items are covered in vacuum sealers. They are used for preserving the food and keeps them fresh for a long time.

Now there are different systems available which help with covering up the food by itself. They are called as Food Vacuum Sealers, and among all the available systems Nesco has been among the top recommendations. Today we are going to check out one such best selling Nesco Food Sealer, and that is Nesco VS-02 model.

Nesco VS 02 Food Vacuum Sealer Review and Analysis

Nesco is just as a synonym for Creativity and  Innovation since they mainly focus on providing cool solutions to the users. After you start using this Vacuum Sealer, you will feel the change in the way food is bought and stored at home. This way you can prepare food well in advance, and then save them in this sealer for storage use.

Nesco VS 02 Food Vacuum Sealer Review

We have got the Nesco VS 02 Food Vacuum Sealer, and today we are going to provide the analysis we have done. Let’s find out the basic specifications followed by the features of this Nesco VS 02.


  • Just one touch operation for sealing the food, and it will also shut off automatically.
  • You can now prepare food in advance, and reduce the food wastage by preserving them in a Food Vacuum Sealer.
  • There is one seal time switch provided which can be adjusted according to the need. For example, the sealing may take more time in case you have got wet food.
  • The Roll Storage compartment comes with a cutter and a roll storage compartment. This can set 11.8 inches wide roll bag easily.
  • With the Seal only setting you can keep a check on the over-vacuuming condition, and also the crushing of the food.

Product Features

One of the main highlights of a Food Sealer is that it rightly stores the food for a long time without causing any harm to the food. There are indicator lights on this product which gives you the idea about certain operation running on the sealer system.

You can cook meals early and then pack them in this sealer and preserve them for a long time as you wish. Roll storage is comfortably placed, and there is one inbuilt cutter here.

With the Seal time switch, you can extend the sealing time while dealing with wet food. This is perfect for residential use but offers you with a professional level of work. With the main device, you will find 10 Starter bags in two different sizes, and 2 Starter rolls in one size.

Coming to the Nesco brand, they are into production of Dehydrators and Roasters, along with other small kitchen appliances like food slicer, induction tops, etc.

The Good 

  1. One touch operation– With just single step you can perform the complete process. Like the cover cutting and the packing, everything just in one step!
  2. Extended Seal function– You can use this setting if you wish to extend the sealing process, especially while dealing with moist food.
  3. Quality performance– It is mainly used for the home user but offers you with a commercial kind of output.

The Bad

  1. Reliability– As per few user reviews, they found the unit not running for a long time.
  2. Sealing in trouble– The seal does not stay the way you may wish to have it. This point may vary depending on certain conditions though. Make sure that you start using the vacuum sealer as soon as you get it delivered.


Nesco Food Vacuum Sealer is a bit large, and so you may feel that the sealer is taking a lot of your counter space. But undoubtedly, this inconvenience does not stand against the fantastic working of the unit. If you really wanna pack all the food and go for camping, then go for this Nesco VS-02 Sealer! The best you can ever get!

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