11 Brilliant Things You Can Do With A Vacuum Sealer

Not everyone is aware of the Brilliant Things You Can Do With A Vacuum Sealer. So, we decided to dedicate one post for this, and share with you guys some of the easiest yet exciting ways in which Vacuum Sealers come as a great help.

Sealing food items with a vacuum sealer is the common one. Still, there are many scenarios where you can use them for perfect storage. Let’s find them out!

11 Brilliant Things You Can Do With A Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum Sealer for food packing is the one which most of you guys will be familiar with. But in fact, there are a hell lot of things that you can pack up in the best way using the same sealer.

11 Brilliant Things You Can Do With A Vacuum Sealer

This is exactly what we are going to discuss in this post, and help you with giving ideas on how to utilize this machine in an effective and best way!

#1 Goes kinda well for all your Potluck Gatherings!

Well, this is a smart choice indeed. The chances of food spilling reduce to a significant degree if you have vacuum sealed it. Also, if you tend to forget things like food containers and all, then you can just carry the sealed food as it is. There is nothing weird about taking the food in the sealed bag.

#2 You can bring fresh Citrus Juice inside a vacuum sealer.

When it comes to carrying liquid material, then you must freeze it before vacuum sealing it. Same goes for the Citrus Juice. First, you need to freeze the Citrus juice, and then add the cubes to the Vacuum Sealer bag. Finally, you have to store it in the freezer only.

#3 For all the microwaved meals. 

If you are on a trip and craving for some home-made food, then it is now possible with the vacuum sealer. Microwave your favorite food, and then place them inside the vacuum bag. The best way to get this done – get a large waxed plate, and then put the vacuum sealed food in this dish. Freeze it.

You can take this along with you while you are at work or even while on tour. You can microwave the food back while having it for lunch. Maintaining the right temperature is important while dealing with this.

#4 If you want to have a Quick Breakfast. 

You can make some sandwiches, and then wrap it up in a sealed bag. Later you can warm the sandwich a bit, and have it for quick breakfast.

#5 Use the Vacuum Sealer for packing snacks. 

When it comes to vacuum sealing the chips, it will probably break as it cannot withstand a no-vacuum state for a long time. Thus they won’t be able to complete the vacuum sealing process. You can vacuum out a larger part of the air, and then seal it for storage.

#6 Yarns inside a Vacuum Sealer? 

Yes, you can vacuum seal the yarn balls whenever you are not doing any stitch work. This way you could manage and organize the yarn department more effectively, and store them until next use.

#7 Vacuum Seal the bananas for making your favorite Banana Bread. 

For all the banana lovers out there, Banana bread is something which you all may crave for. You can store the banana for some extra days to get the perfect ripe state, by vacuum sealing it off. Then place it in the freezer portion.

#8 Photos can be vacuum sealed for storage. 

So you are going to travel back to your home after a small trip with your buddies. You have received many photos of the trip, but don’t have any cover for storage. Vaccum Sealers could do the job for this as well! You can put all the snaps inside the vacuum sealer bag, which will protect them from air and oxygen.

#9 Honey Sticks never go outdated! 

You can make and store hand-made honey sticks, and then preserve them in a vacuum sealer. So if you wish to have some honey sticks by you while chilling around or during tea time, then you can vacuum seal the honey sticks and then store for later purpose.

#10 You can vacuum seal the plant seeds. 

A handful of plant seeds will always be left out, after planting them in your garden. You may find it difficult to store, as there are chances that moisture comes in contact with the seeds. It may ruin the quality too. Just Vacuum seal the vegetable seeds, and this way it can be stored for as long as you wish in the right way.

#11 Also all the seasonal products can be stored in a vacuum sealer. 

You will come across many things which are just preferred for some particular season. This can be anything, ranging from fruits to different clothes. If you require specific products only during the particular season, then store them inside the vacuum sealers when they are not in use.

There you go! These are by far the coolest and most comfortable activities which can be done using a Vacuum Sealer. Was this list helpful to you? How many of them have you done before? Let us know your take on our post, and other suggestions/tips are always welcome.

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