Vacuum Food Sealer Tips and Tricks To Keep Fruits Long Lasting

If you do not consume fruits like apple or carrot within some days, then you will find the freshness slowly fading out. So is there any way of preserving the fruits and other veggies for some extended time? Yes, you got the Vacuum Sealer which will help with protecting food items from getting in contact with air or oxygen.

Vacuum Food Sealer Tips To Keep Fruits Long Lasting

Put the fruits into the vacuum sealer bag, and then refrigerate them. This will help with maintaining the freshness, along with retaining the nutritional benefits. But there are certain tips you must know for the Best storage and right usage of the Food Vacuum Sealer. Let’s get started!

Vacuum Food Sealer Tips To Keep Fruits

Following are the tips for keeping the fruits long lasting with the Food Vacuum Sealer:

  1. The first step is to get the fruits peeled off for storage. After peeling cut them into small portions similar to the ones which we do while making any squash drink. If you have got small fruits like the apples, then you can avoid the cutting process. Getting the peels off will be enough in this case.
  2. Here the second step is to wash the fruits or vegetables under clean or drinking water. One important point to note here, make use of cold water, not the usual tap water. This is because the tap water may contain harbor bacteria which may cause some problem.
  3. There is one blanching step required to be performed, but it is only for the vegetables. They have to be blanched in boiling water for 1-4 minutes. This step is important for maintaining the crispness of the veggies. Otherwise, they will become soggy inside the vacuum sealer.
  4. Boiling of the vegetables makes it strong, and this prevents the ripening of the vegetables. Thus the veggies will remain fresh even after some extended duration.
  5. You can make use of blotting paper for removing the excess amount of water from fruits and vegetables.
  6. After you have vacuum-packed the vegetables and the fruits, store both of them in the refrigerator. Storing the food items raw or cooked in the fridges are a good option. You might have seen the way the eatables are stored in supermarkets, where they are refrigerated. In this way, organic food products remain fresh in the storage.
  7. You can skip packing of the fruits and vegetables separately. Instead, you can lay both the items on a tray, and then simply vacuum seal the plate. But the only condition in this is that you have to use the entire eatables after you have opened the seal.

So, there you go! These are the tips which we wanted to share with you all. Did you get all your queries solved at the end of this article? Comment your doubts and other suggestions; our expert team will get to you and help you. Feel free to contact us, and for further updates from us follow us on Vacuum Sealer.